This legendary icon is a symbol of freedom for over
70 years. It offers the opportunity to experience and explore the world from a unique perspective. Climb aboard and let yourself be surprised by Jeep ® Wrangler Unlimited.
2.8 CRD DIESEL ENGINE The extraordinary CRD (Common Rail Diesel) 2.8 16V DOHC, 4-cylinder is rated at 200 hp at 3,600 rev / min and a torque of 460 Nm at 1600-2600 r / min (with automatic transmission) .
PENTASTAR™ ENGINE V6 3.6 WITH VARIABLE VALVES TIMING (VVT) With all the power needed by the legendary grandeur of Wrangler Unlimited, this efficient engine with variable valves timing is lightweight aluminum and is powered by petrol.
START/STOP TECHNOLOGY STOP / START technology cuts the engine when the vehicle is stationary and restarts automatically when pressure is exerted on the clutch pedal, with fuel savings of 12% and reduction of CO2 emissions by 13% in the combined cycle.
5 GEARS AUTOMATIC GEARBOX WITH AUTOSTICK Exceptional efficiency and performance. A suitably shortened first gear provides an important input without increasing fuel consumption. The torque controlled electronically allows you to switch seamlessly from one gear to another. The new AutoStick ® driver-selectable provides commands to change gears manually.
SUSPENSION The frame and suspension geometry contribute significantly to ensure exceptional performance off-road Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Frame, longitudinal and transverse, front and rear suspension rigid axle ensures maximum strength needed to withstand the most extreme conditions and overcome obstacles more challenging.

Jeep ® Wrangler Unlimited is equipped with front suspension rigid axle DANA 30 (DANA 44 high resistance on Rubicon) to 5 points with arms, Panhard rod, coil springs and stabilizer bar.
5 The anchor points help keep the axle guide precise and without vibration. In the most challenging off-road driving, you can activate the system of electronic disconnection of the front stabilizer (ASBS), standard on Rubicon, which removes the connection between the wheels on the front to allow each wheel to react independently to the forces to which it is referred to and move with the maximum articulation. Even the rear suspension rigid axle DANA 44 are five anchor points with oscillating arms, but the swinging arms are mounted outside of the frame and the springs inside to allow the housing of the reservoir in the central area. On all models the dampers are adjusted to the softer springs and ensure a good balance between handling on road and off-road ability.
Command-Trac® Designed to dominate the most challenging off-road routes, Jeep ® Wrangler Unlimited is the result of 70 years of major improvements to the legendary tradition 4x4 Jeep ® . Jeep ® Wrangler Unlimited Sahara have the second-generation Command-Trac traction system ® integral 2-speed insertion running "SHIFT-ON-THE-FLY". The traction system allows at any time to choose the type of traction required, depending on the path and thus improving consumption. The reduction ratio of 2.72:1 multiplies the torque for driving at low speeds, in order to significantly increase the traction in off-road conditions. The insertion mode all-wheel drive is always done manually using a lever in the center console.
Rock-Trac® with Tru-Lok® Version Rubicon is equipped with a splitter Off Road Rock-Trac ® insertable "SHIFT-ON-THE-FLY" two-speed with an exceptional ratio of 4.0:1, which ensures a perfect control and significantly increases the available torque on the wheels, thereby allowing off-road maneuvers extreme. This distribution box has been designed specifically for Rubicon, in order to meet the needs of a vehicle with a strong vocation off road. Both the Command-Trac ® the Rock-Trac ® 3 operating modes include running: 2WD: The torque is sent to the 100% to the rear axle. This is the mode to use on all surfaces that provide a good grip. 4WD High: The torque is distributed between the front and rear in the ratio 50/50. The central splitter does not act as a differential, a breakdown between the two axes is fixed. The mode should only be used on surfaces with low grip conditions (snow, dirt, mud, rocks). 4WD Low: The input torque from the exchange is multiplied further (4 times in the case of Rock-Trac ® and 2.7 times in the case of Command-Trac ® ), the pulling capacity is increased considerably. The inclusion of low gear is recommended only on roads with low grip in situations where the torque demand is greatest. Whenever one wheel loses grip or lift off the ground the presence of spread on each axis, fundamental to be able to bend, can cause a loss of torque and thus a decrease in the ability of traction of the car. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, on all versions, provides an integrated system with the ESP system thus removing the behavior of the differential, the BLD or Brake Lock Differential. The system locks the wheel that is slipping, in fact considerably increasing the resistance to progress and thus allowing the transfer of torque to the wheel that has traction. The system is fully automatic and requires no intervention by the driver. In case of insertion of reduced has a setting OFF-ROAD: applies a braking torque more aggressive and for a period of time greater. Rubicon is also equipped with locks front and rear insertable Tru-Lok ® with axle ratio of 4.10 . The differential Tru-Lok ® allow low-speed maneuvering in bumps, steep climbs in and in general on slippery surfaces, tying the speed of the wheels on the same axis, thus avoiding slippage on all types of terrain. The locks of the axes can be easily switched on and off with a switch on the dashboard. ability to complete this exceptional articulation, Rubicon comes standard with the electronic device Active Sway Bar System (ASBS) that can disconnect the front stabilizer bar and adapt the best the roughness of the ground while traversing a particularly challenging. The system allows each of the two front wheels to react independently to the forces to which it is subjected. A switch activates the system, allowing the vehicle to obtain a high capacity for articulation to overcome any obstacle. Disconnecting stabilizer bar can be controlled by the driver and mode four-wheel drive (4WD High) and in the low range mode (4WD Low), at speeds below 29 km / h. For safety reasons, the stabilizer bar is connected as soon as the speed exceeds 29 km / h. Thanks all'ASBS, the car reaches an index of excursion RTI ramp (Ramp Travel Index: parameter of the articulation of the suspensions of a vehicle) equal to 652 with the stabilizer bar is connected and equal to 832 with the bar disconnected - an increase of 28%